Our History

The testimony of the local churches is relatively new in this country. Our desire is to follow the Lord and to carry on the church life entirely according to the New Testament. To this end, we have received many of the riches given to us by the Lord through His servants during the past centuries. We appreciate that Martin Luther saw justification by faith, that John Calvin wrote so clearly concerning predestination, that Madame Guyon recorded her inner-life experiences, that Count Zinzendorf practiced true fellowship with other believers, that George Whitefield opened the way for evangelism, that J. N. Darby expounded the Bible so thoroughly, that A. B. Simpson lived the life of Christ, that Andrew Murray showed us the subjective experience of the Spirit of Christ, and that Jessie Penn-Lewis spoke of the cross and the spiritual warfare. In this century, Watchman Nee and Witness Lee were the vessels used by the Lord to reveal the truth of the local church gatherings as the practical expression of oneness of the Body of Christ. They realized that Christians need to live by Christ, and the church must be practically one, void of any kind of division. Since the 1950s, the Lord raised up His testimony of oneness in the Western Hemisphere, so that today we can participate in a very rich church life in which we are meeting together in one accord (Acts 1:14, 2:26, 5:12, 15:25).