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Ben Carbrey

    Since graduating college, I've looked back at my spiritual progress over those 4 years. I realized that UB for Christ has been such a huge support and strength to me. Often when I don't feel like caring about the Lord, being with a group of Christians that really love the Lord was just what I need to be encouraged. The Christian life needs a lot of support from other members of the body of Christ. You can never love Jesus Christ only on your own. It's impossible.

    My favorite semester in college was the one semester that I vowed to the Lord that I would spend 1 hour every day with Him, Monday to Friday. I chose 10am-11am and went to the basement of the lockwood library. There I would read the bible for 20 minutes, read a spiritual book for 20 minutes and pray for 20 minutes. May times, I would fall asleep, but many more times, I would just fall in love with the Lord. I had so many experiences where I felt that light was shining directly from the throne of grace, through the bible, to me. The Lord would direct my life, correct me, challenge me and love me. That table at lockwood library will forever remind me of God's faithfulness if we are faithful to give Him the time.

David Huoh

During my freshman year I really learned to rely on the lord. Early on in the year one of my friends passed away. Over the Columbus Day break, he committed suicide, catching everyone off guard. I had spent that weekend in West Virginia far away from school. I had no communication with anyone during that time and I didn't find out until after I came back. It took a while to get over the shock of someone I know passing away so suddenly. You never think that the people around you are going to disappear so quickly. To make things worse, I had to take a test on the same day of the funeral. Everything had been planned so quickly that I didn't have time to reschedule my test. I ended up doing pretty bad on that test and consequently the class. I found myself sinking into a depression. But I really found comfort in the Lord during this time. God can always understand what you are going through even when no one else does. I am not a very emotional person, so I had no idea with how to deal with all of the feelings that I experienced. The only person I felt comfortable talking to was Jesus. I really have no idea how I got through that semester, but I did. God reminded me that everything is in his hands and no matter what happens we can always rely upon him. God is sovereign, even if we don't understand why he is doing something, we need to realize that what he does is best. During this year I have really learned to appreciate all that God has done for me.